Our shopping parameters for a standard MP3 player
To be clear, this isn’t implied to be a complete acquiring overview or review, however after investing a lot of hours comparing designs we thought that sharing our specifications and expectations for an MP3 player in 2018 might assist you along your purchasing procedure.

We have actually mainly listened to songs on a desktop computer with ATH-M50x headphones and also in the past we’ve used mobile songs gamers such as the iPod Nano and also Classic– and also
Now we’re primarily looking for something that “just works” without needing the installation of bloatware on your COMPUTER for transferring music. Some extra factors to consider we had while purchasing an MP3 player …

Ideally costs less than $50.
Premium versions have their area, but given that mobile phones can be had for $100 or much less, investing more than $50 on a fundamental MP3 player appears impractical offered the amount of products and also manufacturing involved contrasted to a phone.

Compact, but not excessive.
Furthermore, because they call for less hardware, we figure an MP3 player should be considerably smaller than a mobile phone for easy carry, maybe with each other in the exact same pocket sometimes, yet not so small that the tool ends up being tough to manage.

All the time battery life & then some.
Because mobile phones last throughout the day, we anticipate an MP3 player to go for at least as long– ideally a lot more, even if you’re paying attention to music during the entire 24+ hrs. This requirements is quickly located in models under $50.

At the very least 8GB storage + development.
Unless you only pay attention to FLAC files or have a huge sound library as well as intend to bring the entire thing, 8GB seems sufficient if you’re willing to exchange out rarely played tracks, particularly so if the gamer supports microSD cards, which could expand the storage space capability to upwards of 64GB.

Hardware controls instead of touch.
We’re attempting not to belabor the point but actual physical switches are a major reason for wanting a different gadget for songs as well as this was a significant factor in our purchasing decision. Note that while some units have buttons, they may do not have details ones– volume rockers were notably missing on some of the units we considered.

Marginal respect for various other features.
Several MP3 players under $50 can deal with lossless file styles and to us that appeared worth carrying a specialized songs gadget. However, we offered very little respect to other features such as assistance video clip playback, books, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth.

What we acquired & options from our research.
In our search for such an MP3 player we saw that a number of the brand names appeared to be offering the same tool by a various name. This holds true for a minimum of 2 companies, “Ruizu” and “Agptek,” which sell a few of the extra prominent MP3 players on Amazon and also somewhere else.